About Me

Hi and welcome!

Let me introduce myself…
I am like a lot of women out there, a BUSY WORKING MOM!
I am a wife,
I am “mommy” to 3 kiddos under the age of 10 and one sweet pooch named Josie,
I work full-time as a corporate engineer.

I also have decided to take on another “hat” – building residual income for my family through a home-based business along with other strategies.

I love my engineering career, and although I’ve reached what I consider my “dream job” and work for a great company with more flexibility than most, I realize as my kids are getting older, my time freedom is extremely limited. Yes, I get paid very well, and have benefits that no one can complain about.  BUT, that comes at a price.

MY price includes long hours, a long commute on public transportation, routine business travel out of state, not to mention the stress of looming project deadlines and dealing with corporate politics.  It makes me exhausted just thinking about it.  Can you relate to any of this?

What it boils down to is, I’m trading my time for money to grow someone else’s dream and I’m missing out on what is truly important to me – being an integral part of my children’s daily lives. We like to hike and ski and my kids play soccer and hockey.  My husband and I love to travel, especially to see live music.

But right now, when my husband and kids do get me in the evening and weekends, they are not getting all of me.  Just crumbs of me, really.  Mommy-guilt can be FIERCE!

Nine years ago I was introduced to the direct-selling/network marketing industry when my first-born was a baby.  After a long analysis (hey, I’m an engineer – we don’t make any decision lightly), including finding all the bad things on the internet about direct-sales and the company I was joining, I decided it was worth a try as I was battling the “how do I work AND be a mom” battle.

…But honestly, I wasn’t fully committed until a few years later when I read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. I realized my feelings of being “stuck” in the Employee quadrant were REAL and I was going to be there until retirement unless I did something!

Then a few years ago, Corporate America took its toll on our family when my husband lost his job due to company down-sizing.  We decided as a couple that we were going to take action to not rely on the 9-5 anymore.  We enrolled in real estate investing classes, and my husband focuses on that side of our passive income strategy.  I realized my home-business was sitting in my lap as an incredible way to generate passive income of my own!

…But I needed better systems and mentorship in how to do this along-side my current full-time job!

Nikki Taylor concert

Nikki and her husband Bo enjoying a New Year’s Eve concert with their favorite band.

I have to admit, I was frustrated in my business.  My direct-sales company provided a lot of training, but it focused on home parties and not how to use social media strategies to their fullest advantage.  I was taught to find leads anywhere and everywhere off-line, but these were not qualified leads!

I struggled with balancing time for booking and holding these appointments with my work and family calendar.  If I did book an appointment (and it held!) and spent time away from my kids, many times it resulted in no product sales or business partners, because they really had no interest from the beginning.

I was EXCITED when new business partners did join my team, only to be DISAPPOINTED when they never moved forward in the business mainly due to lack of leads and the overwhelm of holding appointments. 

So… I started educating myself on how to grow a BIG business, FROM HOME, using on-line techniques along with the traditional off-line methods!  I have spent thousands of dollars over the last year on social media and on-line lead generation and marketing classes, specifically aimed towards network marketers.  Some of them have been really good, and others have been really bad!  But I’ve learned a lot from BOTH!

After a very long and hard decision, I changed network marketing companies.  I realized that some of the “old-school” things about my previous company were adding to the amount of time it took to work my business.  I joined a company that has adopted and teaches more “new-school” methods and has eliminated some of the “time-suckers” of the previous company.  That has made a HUGE difference because I now feel confident to lead other people like me to success with a company that supports social media marketing.  I am able to equip my business partners with the tools they need to leverage these strategies, because let’s face it, we’re all busy.  It’s one of the main reasons people are hesitant to start a “side-business.”  I want to prove to you that even the busiest person can succeed with the methods I’ve learned!  If you want to take this challenge, visit my Work With Me page for more details.

My TRUE PASSION is inspiring others, especially working moms, who may be in the same situation as me – struggling with corporate politics, long commutes, out of town travel, threatened job security, mommy-guilt, and overall stress! l want to inspire working parents out there that there is a different way than the 8-5 to build substantial and long-term wealth.

I hope that sharing my journey, and the tips and tools I’m learning and implementing through this blog, my Facebook page, as well as sharing the products I recommend, that I can contribute something to help YOU find success in YOUR JOURNEY.  I also like to share everyday life stuff that we as working moms need to get through our week – organization tips, time savers, health and beauty tips so we look and feel our best! Moms have to support each other, right?!

Nikki Taylor Family

Taylor Family in Silverton, CO enjoying a July 4th celebration at 10,000 feet.

Did any of my story hit home with you?  I know there are so many women who feel like me out there!  It’s why I do this business!

If I can be a small part in helping YOU to achieve a lifestyle of YOUR DREAMS, where you can spend more precious TIME with your family, with ABUNDANCE and BALANCE and FREEDOM, then I will have achieved my goal. Because I totally believe we reap what we sow, and I can only gain by being of service to others!

Thanks for joining me – I look forward to getting to know you! Feel free to message me and introduce yourself.

Let’s Do This Together!